Frusack® is a reusable alternative to single use plastic produce bags we use every day to buy fruits, vegetables and pastry.

The annual consumption of a single use plastic produce bags reaches over 300 pieces per person. Doesn’t seem like a big deal because they can be recycled? Let’s see some facts. Since produce bags are impossible to recycle in an efficient way, they are often burned or, in worst case, littered. That way, they end up in our environment and in the oceans where represent a major threat to marine wildlife.

If you are concerned and want to change this, breaking up with single use produce bags is the best thing you can do! You can buy Frusack now at Manifesto Market!


Frusack is made from a compostable fabric based on corn starch. The material has all the benefits of conventional plastics with one BIG difference. IT‘S COMPOSTABLE!

Thanks to that, you can use your Frusack over and over again and at the end of its life, it will decay in industrial composter conditions within a few weeks. No waste produced while using it, no waste at the end of its life either.


It‘s very simple. Just bring your Frusacks whenever you go grocery shopping. Fill the bags with your favourite produce and weigh them. Then just pay and head home... and repeat! Frusack is great to use in supermarkets, farmer markets or just about anywhere. You can also use it to store your fruits and veggies in the fridge.

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