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How to Eat Under 150 CZK at Prague’s Manifesto Market

The holiday season is a joyous time to celebrate with friends and family, but it’s easy to get overwhelmed by constant indulgence. That’s why Manifesto’s vendors offer a selection of meals that can fit any budget. Find some of the best of Prague’s cheap eats at Manifesto’s eclectic array of restaurants featuring flavors from around the world.

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Top Seven Things to do in Prague this Christmas

Prague is a fantastic city to enjoy at any time of year, but December in Prague may be one of my absolute favorite seasons. As winter sets in, the city transforms into one of the most picturesque Christmas destinations in Europe. Prague’s Christmas markets are among the most impressive European Christmas markets, featuring some of the best crafts and foods in the region. As the city breaks for the holidays, friends and family gather at these spots to celebrate the joyous occasion. Here is your ultimate Prague guide for everything to see, eat, and do during the holiday season.

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EIGHT European Christmas Markets You Didn't Know About (and Should!)

We might be a little biased, but we think Prague come winter is some other kind of magic. The city, once blanketed in a layer of snow, becomes an entirely different beast that seems almost too good to be true. Prague and winter go together like schnitzel and potato salad. We can only hope our Manifesto Winter Market can provide that same feeling of magic and wonder, you know what kind we are talking about, the kind you experienced as a kid. While we can't wait to create a special experience and welcome you to our own, and very first Manifesto Winter Market near the Prague's city center, we also dream of that Christmas cheer throughout all the Christmas markets across Europe. Check out some of our favorite hidden gems below (and tag us if you have the chance to post a live picture from any of them!).

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