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Pumpkin Week

Falling leaves, scarves and pumpkins! It's the pumpkin season, and we can't miss that at Manifesto. We will make you discover its exquisite taste in recipes and dishes where you wouldn't expect it! Scarfs on, and let's explore the planet pumpkin. 

Gran Fierro offers a everlasting pumpkin soup!

Wine food will serve a delicious pumpkin foccacia.

Fæncy Fries prepared a seasonal pumpkin dip for you.

Angelato experiments with Hokkaido Pumpkin icecream.

Dosas completely overhauled menu for this week and prepared several pumpkin dishes!
1. Dosas bowl with pumpking samosa and roasted pumpkin
2. pumpkin yellow mung dal with chapatis 
3. pumpkin beetroot and cabbage pakorra
4. pumpkin and potato paratha with

At Etnosvet, you will find pumpkin chilli this week.

Pumpkin menu is time-limited (15.10-21.10.) and you don't want to miss out this once-in-a-year opportunity to enjoy all the pumpkin variations you want.