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Halloween Trick-and-Treat & Party at Manifesto

Trick-or-treat Halloween

This year, Manifesto Market will be the only place where Prague families can experience Halloween trick-and-treating. On Wednesday, October 31 from 5pm on, a kids-friendly Halloween party will start at Manifesto. Fun will include costumes, illuminated lanterns, face-painting and of course, trick-or-treating. The market will be specially heated for this occasion and will offer plenty of seasonal food and drinks, Piu Piu cocktails for children as well as several adult variations. 

Kids and their parents are invited to dress up, choosing their zombie, enigmatic or fairy-tale inspiration. From 5 to 7 pm, kids can trick-or-treat at all the containers across the marketplace to experience this classic October tradition from the U.S. Come ready to share a song or poem to be offered sweets and cookies, and have plenty of fun. The grown-ups will also enjoy their own fun, with a happy hour at the bars starting at 6 pm (get our unbeatable Bloody Mary, sparkling Scary Smash or the spicy Autumn Fire). From 7 pm, three DJs will play: DJ Drabus, DJ VoidSec and DJ Coflack for the rest of the night. Happy Halloween, Prague!

Our Halloween party will be the last party of the season before Manifesto will take a technical break from Nov 1 to 21st. The marketplace will be redesigned for Manifesto Winter Market and the organizers will install a few surprises. Save the date for Winter Market Opening on Nov 22nd.

🎃Dress up. Warm up. Cheer up. 🎃

5 pm 👨‍🎤 Kids welcome (and. we really are all kids at heart!) All kinds of masks and costumes welcome! Face painting. Kids' cocktails. Trick-or-treating

6 pm 👻 Happy Hour at Manifesto bars: Bloody Mary from our bartender Honza Veselý - original and delicious taste, Scary Smash full of Gin, Raspberry syrup, + Prosecco, Twisted Metropolitan, a warm, sweet & refreshing taste, Autumn Fire with vodka, orange liqueur, cinnamon

7 pm 🤖 DJ Drabus + DJ VoidSec + DJ Coflack

💀We've got a killer dress code 💀

🕷 Be decadent. Wear black, purple, red and orange. Be enigmatic. You can hide your true face behind a mask. Dress warm, you can undress anytime if the party turns too hot.

🕸No RSVP necessary as long, as you tell all your friends. Trick-or-treating starts at 5 pm (the market will be open all day as usual).

>>> Last day and night of Fall Manifesto! <<<

👹We will take a technical break from Nov 1-21st. What will happen? We will redesign for Manifesto Winter Market and install a few surprises. Save the date for our Winter Market Opening on Nov 22nd.

👽Welcome to the cashless world. Only cards and mobile payment apps accepted ;) Fall in love with Fall Manifesto.