▼ Is the market open in winter?

Nope, we are taking a ski break! We'll be back March 15th!

▼ Where can I book one of those igloos?

Right here!

▼ Do you have heat for cold days?

Yes! We will have a plethora of gas heaters. We will also have a fireplace nights and weekends for roasting marshmallows, or keeping warm.

▼ Can I book Manifesto Market for a party/teambuilding/press brunch/product launch/fasion show/wedding?

Yes! Please fill out this contact form too book our venue or organize very special events.


▼ Do you have a site map?



▼ Can I use cash here?

No, welcome to the future. We recommend Mastercard or other cashless payments such as app payments or your favorite debit/credit card. Welcome to the cashless world.

▼ Can I bring my dog?

Kind of. But, keep her on a leash at all times, yo. If she's barking at everyone, don't assume they think it's cute. And, clean up after her for godsake.

▼ Can I bring my own food or drinks?

Nope. If we invited you over for dinner would you bring your own meal? So, try not to do it at Manifesto Market either.

▼ Can I smoke inside Manifesto Market?

Smoking and vaping (electronic cigarettes) are not allowed in the general area of Manifesto Market. We're a family place. Please smoke on the opposite sidewalk, or at least 5 meters from the entry gates. Or you can visit IQOS friendly terrace at the roof top of Container 1, where you can have a rest and enjoy your IQOS.

▼ Pretty flowers. Can I bring some home?

C'mon. Don't pick our poor flowers.

▼ I like clean hands, can I wash them?

Please do. But, always be sustainable and don't waste water. You'll need it someday.

▼ Can I recycle at Manifesto Market?

You bet. We do our best to use only corn starch bio plastic, paper and other upcycled stuff here. We would love to use real glassware, but we are also trying to be water concious. You can find 4 recycling stations within Manifesto. Please, use the bins labelled "Compostable plastic" for biodegradable plastic, for example all the cups from Manifesto bars.

▼ I love my drone. It will be epic here. Can I fly it?

Nooooo. No drones. Well, not without written permission from the City, from us (info@manifesto.city) and from a God.

▼ I love drinking. Yeah, we do too. But,...

drink alcohol responsibly mate. Manifesto Market crew will reserve the right to remove anyone who does not.

▼ Don't yell, don't fight, don't be rowdy.

We hate that. Manifesto Market crew will reserve the right to remove anyone who does not.

▼ What about my kids?

Bring 'em. We are stroller and wheelchair friendy. We will have 18+ only events after 7pm on occasion so check the website or posted signs for updates.