We are a family-run ice-cream manufacturer, who makes ice-cream daily using traditional methods. We allow nothing but the best-quality ice-cream with no artificial substances. Angelato ice-cream will always be based on these key principles.


Fresh ice-cream made manually and daily in small portions.


We use only natural ingredients, no artificial or prefabricated ones such as chemical stabilizers, flavourings, colourings or additives.


We prefer local products and we support small-sized farmers. We buy ingredients directly from the farmers.

*Slow Food Philosophy

We respect culinary traditions and work with fresh ingredients which we always choose most carefully. Our goal is to protect the traditional craft, high quality and ice-cream authenticity.


We place a lot of focus on seasonality and if possible, we work only with fresh ingredients. In the gooseberry season, we gogooseberry! In the asparagus season, we go asparagus! Whenthe black elder begins to blossom, we go elder! The trick is to learn to listen to nature and take the best ripe fruit available. We change flavours monthly according to season.

*Gluteen-free and vegan friendly

Milk-based ice-creams are gluten-free (except for the biscuit one) and sorbets are also lactose-free.

We are playful, creative and we enjoy life as sweet as we make it! Our goal is to show what real ice-cream tastes like.


In Prague, we are unique in our combination of tastes. We are here for everyone who’s not afraid of original ideas. Where else can you taste pumpkin, rice, rhubarb, elder, avocado, olive, lavender or nettle ice-cream.


Best ice cream prague, Angelato at Manifesto Market