Cannor is 100% natural cosmetics made with CBD (Cannabidiol). We offer precise, handmade production made with love right here in the Czech Republic. Each of our products is packed with pure plant-based ingredients.

Cannabidiol can offer relief for eczematic, psoriasis and other skin diseases as well as slow visible aging and help soothe acne-prone skin.

Since Cannor cosmetics do not contain any synthetic ingredients, artificial perfumes or parabens, it is also suitable for the sensitive skin of all ages. We preserve and respect nature and therefore minimize our use with packaging materials and our products are never tested on animals. Our Argan oil is importanted directly from Morocco with local fair trade corporation.

Behind the purely natural product portfolio are two young enthusiasts, Adel and Vláďa, who bring us this revolutionary skin care from their home-base in Pilsen.

Kosmetika Cannor- přírodní konopná kosmetika, olej na vlasy a vousy, konopný olej s CBD.jpeg
kosmetika cannor, přírodní konopná kosmetika, léčivá kosmetika s CBD, konopná mast'..jpeg
kosmetika cannor, přírodní konopná kosmetika, léčivá kosmetika s CBD,pleťový olej...jpeg