DA ANTONIO Pizzeria Napoletana

From the original creators of the San Carlo pizzerias, we bring you our new culinary concept DA ANTONIO Pizzeria Napoletana. Immerse yourself in the gastronomy straight from the streets of Napoli. Satisfy your cravings by enjoying our pizza al portafoglio, panuozzos or cuzzetiellos as well as our fresh homemade pastas.

Our master Pizzaiolo Antonio Di Filippo uses his secret family recipe to prepare our pizza dough on a daily basis. The freshest ingredients and a lifetime of culinary experience in his parents' pizzerias in Napoli are the foundation real Neapolitan street food at its finest. Now, this Master Pizzaiolo is sharing his secrets of Neapolitan pizzas right here, to Manifesto Market! Come join us!

Meet the Chef: Antonio Di Filippo

Antonio Di Filippo got his start at age 16 in his parents’ pizzeria in Naples. From his family’s tutelage, Antonio learned the family dough recipe to produce the finest Neapolitan pizza.

Now Antonio has lived in Prague for 20 years as a Master Pizzaiolo from “DA ANTONIO Pizzeria Napoletana”.


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