Dosas are an Indian vegetarian street food concept that will be new to Prague. It‘s introduction will be launched in Manifesto, a new cultural, food and retail pop-up project constructed entirely out of recycled shipping containers, positioned downtown, between Florenc and Masarykovo nádraží.

DOŠAS will be providing and delivering this highly nutritional meal consisting of a fermented rice and lentil pancake, with a variety of fillings accompanied by a range of chutneys, to give what is described in Ayurvedic terms as a Dosha (constitution) balancing effect.

Dosas are quick to cook, colorful, creatively presented and incredibly tasty. They are India‘s healthiest amd most popular dish eaten as a part of their daily staple diet.

Come to try - for sure you will love them.


Masala Dosa - A three-dosha balancing meal of a fermented rice & lentil pancake with a range of vegetable masala fillings. Served with fresh chutneys and South Indian broth -216 kc

Tadka Dahl - Split yellow pea dahl with seasonal vegetables served with chapatis and fresh chutneys -169 kc

Kati Rolls - Roll of made of flat paratha bread filled with potato/vegetable masala -139

Breakfast Dosa - A sweet and crispy dosa with jam -108k kc