Manifesto Bars

Gigs, pop-ups and site specifics. We were here long time before these words had begun to circulate ad nauseam. We started off with Turek and instant coffee, a two coloured palette from the village of Božkov and desítka lager with a head that took ten minutes to subside. This was the prehistory. The great schooling. Another world. Since then we have walked a long way down that road. To Santiago de Compostela for a thousand times. We have learned that when you stop, it is all over. So we are doing new things. Headfirst. Now it´s the Manifesto. And its bars. In an era of information overload, with all the brands, opinions, likes, disses, emoticons and reviews, we embarked upon something we trust. In the middle of the city. In containers. Is that enough?

We don´t give a damn about the offers almost every pub owner finds in the email.  We are guided by ourselves. By experience. By desire. By reason. We take our time choosing, being attentive. Maybe too much. We argue a bit, we travel a lot, and sometimes we have a hangover. But that´s the way it should be. In Manifesto, three bars await your arrival. With local microbreweries on tap and prize apples, we press fresh fruits, shake our own signature cocktails and gouge homemade syrups for spiked lemonades. In addition to all this, we have acquired beer cases of brands from all over the world, all manner of Mate based drinks and Matcha tea. Someone calls it a range. We call it the Manifesto.