Meat Vandals

A simple concept wrapped in a tasty experience! Come to taste our slowly cooked pulled pork and marinated beef pastrami in a brioche bun!

Pulled Pork
Juicy pulled pork stuffed into a soft brioche, which we bake ourselves, then smothered with homemade sauces: chilli, barbecue or apple chutney with grace. The final topping add the taste of sharp cheddar or fresh goat cheese.

Beef Pastrami
If you've ever heard of the famous New York deli, Katze, you can come to taste our version of the notorious pastrami. We import beef brisket from Australia and we place the meat for a few days in a special treat to make it extra juicy.

When combined with a soft bulky dipped dip from Dijon mustard, sour cabbage and cucumber you will experience gastronomic sky!


Come enjoy our season specials - from chopped beef, pulled duck or other delicious game, there will always be something tasty to explore.

How do we prepare meat?
It's simple: the longer the preparation, the shorter the delivery. Beginning with carefully chosen suppliers - we always look for top quality. We prepare the selected meat slowly to bring out the best flavors and taste great when we serve it from the stand.

If meat is not enough or you prefer a gluten-free version, we offer light grated salads - a complimenting coleslaw and a fine beetroot salad.

We offer of the well-loved German brand Fritz Cola, but we are also delighted by the Czech Zázračna Lemonade. Combining a whole range of exotic spices with a bit of carbornation. Like our ingredients, all flavors of lemonade are selected to support the flavor of our flesh.