pho bar

When thinking of phở, most of us today will imagine a Vietnamese soup with its roots in the rich and strong broth. The term phở is moreover also used for flat rice noodles. And it's exactly these noodles that the pho bar brings in three creative forms. You have the choice to taste the already mentioned soup, a mixed salad or rolls. The base is always the same, but you can choose the form of the dish and add other ingredients according to your taste. These dishes are inspired by Vietnamese street food from fresh and quality ingredients prepared in a small family establishment. Everyone is welcome to have a little taste of Vietnam!

Are you vegetarian? Our pho is made with beef broth, but we have plant-based menus too.

As a vegetarian variation, pho bar offers pho mix and pho roll, both made with tofu and very popular with the visitors of the Winter Market. Mix is a salad with rice noodles pho, herbs, veggies, tofu and tamarind sauce. Roll is made with rice noodles, herbs, veggies, tofu and hoisin sauce with peanuts.