This is our world, our journey, our story ...

We are inspired by the Italian journey. The journey of sun, wine, good food and family.

We want every day to make sense, and therefore our work must entertain and fulfill us.

We go back to our roots as our ancestors lived ...


is a type of dried ham. The original designation comes from Italy, but it is also produced in other countries in various variants (in Spain it is Jamon, in Germany Schinkenspeck).

Pršuto is made from a selected muscle portion, then ladened into a salt or salt / spice mixture for several weeks to months.

They are dried under various conditions for several months to years and therefore the individual species are distinctly different.

Our way 

is a quality prosciutto without compromise. We are constantly learning and discovering new ways to improve and fine-tune them.


The idea of PRŠUTERIE 

Chovaneček was founded in 2015... Our specialties are pork, beef, duck, lamb, fallow deer, boar prosciutto with still a proven production process using salt, time, temperature, humidity, airflow and again time and constant process of control and care for all our products.

Our farm

We farm on a farm in a small village called Hlinná, at the foot of the hills of Hradiště and Holý vrch in II. and the I. zone of the protected area of České středohoří.