A container village for art, education, food & entertainment. In the heart of Prague.

Manifesto Market is the brainchild of reSITE, a global non-profit acting to improve the urban environment. This the first development project initiated by reSITE, where they put their ideas into practice. How?

In the beginning, there was desire. To create a place where there wasn't one. Of great culture. Of great fun. Of great taste. Of food. Of drinks. Of learning. Of the future. 

We dreamt of a place where people from all stripes could meet. Spend time together. Families. Visitors. Locals. Co-workers.

See movies. Learn. Taste food from top chefs. Feast. Listen to music from top artists. Dance. Do it again. 

Welcome to the first fully cashless place in Prague and one of the first in Europe. Welcome to the future. Manifesto Market.

Manifesto Market Culture Program

 Before Manifesto Market opened…

There was nothing but dust, waste, noise, garbage, used needles and emptiness. A derelict desert in the center of Prague. In the shadow of a highway we're changing that. We're opening the area to the public. A first gesture in a city landscape that will now forever be changed. 

Although the area lies in the heart of Prague, it has been avoided by everyone. A 'no-go' zone. 

The mission of Manifesto Market is to revive and vitalize an area which is unfriendly and inaccessible regardless of its central location. Manifesto changes that. 

Manifesto Market before and after wasteland

We are creators. Problem solvers. Collaborators. We identify good ideas and pursue them with laser-like intensity until they thrive. 

We found inspiration in the unkept and unused. And, we found enthusiasm and passion from our collaborators; the many people, companies, brands and institutions who got on board. 

Together. We collaborated. To design, co-create and curate a new place. Out of the dust to a place where every detail is curated and thought about with care. This is a living, breathing, tasty architectural and cultural recipe that will change and move with time. It's fast. It's alive. It's meant to change.

Manifesto Market Praha

This is Manifesto. This is how the new, completely cashless food 'n culture market in the heart of Prague came to be. We are looking at the future. Here. Now.

Its time will be limited. Let's make it last. 
Let's enjoy the uncompromising taste, design, and cultural experiences of a new, cashless place in an old city.

Let's fill it with life.

The taste of urbane cultural life is our Manifesto. What's yours?

Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 10.36.40 AM.png

Manifesto Market in News

"It was a provocative and bold combination, much like Manifesto’s mission: to push for the innovative use of Prague’s cityscape while stimulating the senses." - The New York Times (Read More

"Prague has recently made a massive leap up the coolness scale." - Lonely Planet (Read more)

“The operators of Manifesto have placed Prague next to London and Lisbon where similar concepts exist.” -E15

“A Gastronomical Paradise Emerged in the Center of Prague. ” -Denik

“This is the end of an unused wasteland full of garbage in the center of Prague where people were afraid to go. A vibrant container village has emerged on this spot, that is now full of life.” -Blesk

“A forgotten and derelict spot in the very heart of Prague has completely changed since this Friday.” -idnes.cz

Manifesto Market Praha

Manifesto will bring an unusual cultural and culinary experience to this place, it will offer space for entertainment and education, introduce minimalist perspective on both local and global gastronomy, and become a space for meeting others.

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