Job Offer: Financial Manager, Controller

Money-talk is your mother tongue.

 This is Manifesto. Fresh off of an investment from Rockaway Capital, we are an emerging company that sits at the intersection of real estate, technology and culture in the space-as-a-service proptech industry. Exemplified with our existing project, Manifesto Market, we are providing property and digital solutions for a rapidly changing retail and gastro environment. We are expanding rapidly with pipeline projects under consideration in Europe, North America and Asia. We are looking for an essential member to join our international team. 


 We are looking for an experienced financial manager/controller to: 

  • Update of the business plan and overall financial strategy. 

  • Manage company budgets. 

  • Manage the company's cash flow. 

  • Group financing, group transfer-pricing. 

  • Enhance our current profit & loss structure. 

  • Work with analytical accounts to allocate costs. 

  • Setup and prepare financial reports, data for forecasting. 

  • Create tax strategy (VAT, CIT, dividends), risk management (group procedures, international exposure, compliance etc.). 

  • Support internal and/or external audits. 

  • Communicate with and manage our external accounting company. 

  • Manage and control bank accounts, reconcile, payable, receivable, communicate with banks. 

  • Communicate with external partners. 

  • Simple HR and legal agenda, manage payroll. 

  • Administration, archive, inventory. 

  • Help to automate our overall financial process. 


  • Proficient in English

  • Fluent in Czech

  • Experience with group financing. 

  • Experience with creating new financial processes

  • Experience with maintaining budgets and profit & loss sheets

  • Experience with analyzing financial statements

  • Experience with creating detailed financial forecasts

  • Experience with tax strategy. 

  • Knowledge of European based IFRS principles

  • Knowledge of Czech accounting standards and orientation in double-entry accounting

  • 3 years of experience in financial management


  • The position is a full-time and long-term commitment starting immediately

  • Position in a future-oriented, design-driven, open minded international team. 

  • An office space in Prague’s city center (Martinska street) will be provided. 

  • Partial home-office possible upon agreement. 

  • Employment contract, fee to be discussed. 


  • Send us your CV to with “I want to become your Financial Manager” in the subject.

  • Tell us why you.

Application Deadline: March 15, 2019